Karate Do Academy Westlake, Ohio

A dedicate group of Karateka living the martial way


Our program was founded in1985 by

Sensei Don Polevacik

who now resides in Portland, Oregon.


After watching the performance of Bassai Dai kata form by Sensei Don Polevacik and senior student Loyd Rankin at the conclusion of my sons karate class, I became inspired to attempt this beautiful and powerful art form myself. But where to begin? No adult class was being offered at the time and I wanted to learn along with my son.
    Not long after though, Sensei announced he was starting an adult class and urged some parents to enroll. Now was my chance to learn "empty hand" To begin is always the biggest obstacle, but I was determined to try my best. So with several other parents, Sensei Polevasek introduced to us the skills he had learned as a young man.
     We immediately formed a bond of beginning students starting together and with Sensei's patient instruction the journey began. Many years have past since that day and kajukempo karate has become a permanent and extremely valuable part of my life. With Sensei Polevacik guidance, I was able to achieve a goal I never believed possible in those early days; the rank of Shodan.
     During the mid 1990's Sensei Polevacik relocated to the Portland Oregan area and has continued sharing the martial arts with students there. But each time I start a training session or teach a class of eager karate students, my Sensei's voice and inspiration is still with me in a very real way. Thank you Sensei Don Polevacik. Your grateful student, Sensei Jim Petitto








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